BA(Hons) Interior Architecture



BArch, MArch (Hons),

PG-Dip HMONP (France)





Rebecca Lewis-Chapman is the Director of the Interior Architectural Design Company Ltd, Her aim is to improve peoples’ lives through listening, designing and delivering a caring design solution. She grew up within the family construction company and had her first renovation project at the very young age of 17.

She became officially qualified as an Interior Architectural Consultant in 1997 and since then has worked on the architectural and project management side of projects which provided a deeper understanding of the construction process.

During her career as an Interior Architectural Consultant she’s worked with high profile clients and written articles for the BBC website and the National Design magazines. Rebecca Lewis-Chapman’s skills and expertise in Interior Architecture have been featured in articles written in local and national media.

Elitsa Beex-Krumova is an architectural consultant. She oversees and manages all of the architectural work undertaken by the firm.

Eli’s experience spans many sectors including commercial, residential, education, healthcare, industry, leisure and hospitality.

Her work has taken her to many countries around the globe, spending periods working in France, the Czech Republic, Morocco, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Bulgaria and the UK.

Over a decade of training and on the job experience has given Eli the ability to see solutions and opportunities where others cannot. No problem is too complex, or detail too simple; with Eli overseeing the design process nothing is overlooked.

A core concept Eli instills within the team is to approach each new project without bias. Goals and restrictions change dramatically from client to client, sector to sector and year to year. In response, every brief is assessed and unpicked from the bottom up, with client input sought at regular intervals to ensure the optimal solution can be found.

Daisy plays a major role within the practice.

Her insatiable appetite for accuracy (and treats) is infectious and she enforces her high standards with an iron paw.

Daisy is a lead-ing collar-borator and always raises the morale of whichever design team she is assigned to. When she is not sniffing out problems to solve Daisy will typically be found sleeping beneath the desk of whoever has their radiator turned up the highest.


The IAD Company is made up of Architects, Designers and Project Managers with a broad range of skills, allowing us to nurture projects from inception to hand over. Our working methods ensure that all our projects benefit from group collaboration, with input sought from all team members. By encouraging an open and collaborative working environment IAD has been able to produce several breathtaking creations which would not have been achieved by any single team member working in isolation. We are firm believers that in this industry, the total is very much greater than the sum of its parts.


Our raging fan status with Autism Puzzles began many years ago. The AP team act as consultants on relevant projects to ensure we remain current with our research. Following our AP Champion training we wear our Autism Champion badges with pride! Autism Puzzles is a charity with the aim of Creating Opportunities & Celebrating Differences. They support families as a whole through their diagnosis journey and help them achieve a positive outcome for themselves and their loved ones.

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