At IAD we pride ourselves on remaining at the forefront of research and implementation within the residential care sector. Most recently we have completed several specialist residential care homes for both children and adults with additional needs relating to the autistic spectrum.

We work closely with local and national companies, charities, professionals and families to ensure our knowledge on the impacts of
design on mental health and the requirements of the regulatory bodies who regulate and register developments after they have been completed remains current.

We have extensive experience working in educational, care and clinical settings, and all staff have completed Autism Champion training to ensure that they are asking themselves the right questions during the design process.



It is widely accepted that office design and layout is now the second largest factor in employee satisfaction. Getting it right, and ensuring your employees are happy at work, will improve the efficiency, productivity and financial return of your workforce. As such, interior design should now be where all your office fit-out projects begin.

To make sure that we do get it right our commercial projects are carried out using a considered design approach. This involves hosting in-house workshops where staff members who will be inhabiting the end space help us to identify their common concerns and goals before we even begin to prepare our design solutions. We have been shown time and time again that by including the staff at this early stage, the impact of the final design is significantly more powerful and the users are more likely to take ownership of the space.

We have recently completed a large refurbishment of public sector offices. One key design element our workshops highlighted was a communal desire for an increase in the amount of green space. In response to this we incorporated biophilic design to implement additional greenery, without compromising on useable work area.



Our goal is to work alongside case managers and clinical teams to make sure that after adaptations have been implemented a home still feels like home for the entire family.

When injury or illness occurs it is often difficult not to become overwhelmed by the medical impact and clinical changes which affect day to day life. IAD recognise that it is imperative to maintain continuity of an individual’s roles and values pre-injury within the home despite any changes or adaptations needed.

To ensure this we work closely with the individual, and those around them, to understand what is important to them and their family within the home, and have professionals available for consultation purposes to ensure these values are reflected within the final design.



We often hear from our clients when the layout “just doesn’t work for us”. It could be that the circumstances within a household have changed, a baby arrival, or the property is in the ideal location but doesn’t tick all the boxes. We work closely with our clients to establish what’s not working, how it impacts on daily life and how we can remedy the situation with our design proposals. We have had clients that come back to us after four or five years to help them design their next phase. Our belief is that your home design should support your lifestyle whether that be ample storage for sports equipment and good laundry facilities or a dog shower next to the back door to wash your furry family member before he shakes all over the kitchen floor. Our best feedback from a client is when they say, “it’s changed the way we live”.

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